Systems Thinking for Capacity in Health

We believe that systems thinking and complexity science can be transformational in global health by increasing local capacity and shared learning, and minimizing unintended consequences.

Systems Thinking in Short-term Health Missions

An article entitled “Systems Thinking in Short-term Health Missions:
A Conceptual Introduction and Consideration of Implications for
Practices” was recently published in The Christian
Journal for Global Health. This commentary examines the positive and
negative consequences of short-term health missions when considering
local cultural and environmental context. The authors introduce
readers to health as a complex adaptive system (CAS) and consider
implications for practice, including adopting a “learning health
system approach,” that engages local stakeholders in an ongoing,
iterative process of mutual learning and self-organization.  For some,
this might entail a shift in practice as it relates to short-term
humanitarian work.

The article may be accessed using the following link:

The Christian Journal for Global Health latest issue entitled “Caring
in Conflict, Paradigms and Health Systems” is a unique collection of
articles considering the role of Christian faith principles in the
modern global health community. Those interested may access the issue
using the following link:

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